Tuesday, May 11, 2010

A meal fit for a king

Wise men say, "Only fools rush in," but I couldn't help falling in love with the fool's gold loaf.

Legend has it that Elvis, while entertaining some Colorado police types at Graceland, had a craving for the famous sandwich and decided to take his private jet to Denver, where he was met at the hangar by the  restaurant owner and 22 loaves of the tasty sandwich. Three hours later the loaves were gone!

The most authentic recipe I could find required: 1 stick of butter, 1 jar of peanut butter, 1 pound of bacon, 1 jar of grape jelly and 1 loaf of bread. This could all be easily veganised and the ingredients were readily availble, except for the grape jelly, which was a bit of a challenge. Regular supermarkets don't sell grape jam so I had to find a source for the most American of all fruit based spreads. My source was USA foods in Moorabbin, where I found a 2lb jar of Smucker's Concord grape jelly. I was now ready to begin.


1 unsliced loaf of bread (La Panella)
Organic Mountain margarine (enough to cover loaf)
460gms of Redwoods fakin' bacon
450gms of Grape Jelly
1 jar of smooth peanut butter

Preheat oven to 175 degrees. Spread margarine over the loaf of bread and then put it in the oven for 15 minutes. While loaf is in the oven fry up the bacon.

Once loaf is done, and all the margarine has melted through, cut it in half lengthwise and hollow it out on both sides. Put the jar of peanut butter in one side and the jelly in the other. Pile the bacon onto the bottom half of the loaf and close it up.

Slice up and enjoy.

I overestimated the ability of the jelly to stay together and it just went everywhere. Wasn't thinking when I spread it on the top half.

Now to the eating. This is actually quite tasty. However, it is so sweet that you can only handle a little bit at a time. I only managed a slice and a half before I had to take a break for half an hour before having another go and only getting a few mouthfuls.

Estimated macronutrient breakdown: Protein >220gms, Carbohydrate >500gms, Fat >270gms
Total calories = >5040


  1. Wow, what a crazy combo! Very Elvis.

  2. Hehe, that's scary & funny & gross!!!

  3. Sounds crazy enough for me to try. I could try it with gluten free bread, the bacon might be a little trickier though perhaps I could try it with tofu with liquid smoke or something.

  4. Go for it Kristy. Crispy smoked tofu would be tasty too, I imagine.

  5. 220GM of protein!
    Are you doing 20 Reps Supersquat?

    Toby (too lazy to log in and out)

  6. Whoah. XD

    Now I just need to find a vegan version of Dave Lister's triple fried egg chilli chutney sandwich from red dwarf. XD