Monday, May 3, 2010

High street, Preston & other adventures

I had a craving for oregano and vegetable Lebanese pizza today, so I hit the road and made my way to Tabet's bakery on High street for a pizza and a spinach pie, but I ate it before I thought to take a photo.

As I walked up high street, eating my pizza and pie, I spotted the India Xpress grocery store and made a mental note to check it out once I'd completed my first mini mission of the day: to obtain some awesome chocolates.

Bajadera are a hazelnut and almond chocolate made by Kraš, a Croatian company that also makes a few other vegan, but palm oil tainted, treats that are available in many supermarkets. However, I have only found Bajadera chocolates at the Zagreb Croatian Bookshop. If someone has seen them elsewhere, please let me know. These chocolates would be a sure winner with any omni, lacto-ovo vegetarian, or other violence based eaters, if only I were willing to share it with them.

First mission completed, I headed back to the Indian grocer and scanned the ingredients of various items to see if the almost ubiquitous dairy products were absent. Found some products, made by Haldiram's, that were vegan and looked tasty.

These spiced peanuts are protein packed, with over 35gm in a packet and will make a suitable snack at work tomorrow. They had a special going, 3 for $4.99, so I grabbed a few more tasty nuts while I was there.

It was time to head home, but I made a brief stopover at UCG wholesale foods on Bell Street. This is a great place for olive oil, tinned tomatoes, olives and the like. I even found almond cordial!, but I'm not sure of it's veganness. Was excited to find some palm oil free lemon wafers. These are made by the Austrian company, Manner, who also make an awesome marzipan chocolate bar which I can't find anymore.

Tabet's Bakery
355 High Street,

Zagreb Croatian Bookshop
309 High Street

India Xpress
343 High Street

UCG Wholesale foods
70 Bell Street


  1. I want those chocolates, do you know if they are gluten free?

  2. Only allergens listed are hazelnut, almond and soy lecithin. And no other ingredients look suspicious:

    sugar, hazelnuts, cocoa mass, almonds, soya lecithin, flavour

    Looks GF to me :)

    If anyones suspicious of, 'flavours', I have checked out Croatian vegan forums and a few guys from have given it the all clear :)

  3. Im pretty sure nougat isnt vegan. From what I know sometimes honey is used. Eggs and eggs white are also used as ingredient and butter is also used. I actually saw these chocolates at work today and did some research to see if they are vegan. Hope this helps and Good luck.

    Ps. Maybe you know something I dont about the conpany and this is a vegan chocolate please let me know. :)