Saturday, December 17, 2011

Holy Moley! cafe, Greensborough

Many think Greensborough is devoid of any redeeming qualities. In many ways they are right, but not in the case of holey moley! Gourmet coffee cafe. One of the owners is vegan and they have a few funky pies, bagels, sandwiches and fancy shakes available to the hungry vegan. I've been a few times and usually go for the falafel bagel and a choc-peanut butter shake.

It's only a couple of minutes walk from Greensy savers too.

Holy Moley! Gourmet Coffee (They serve Robert Timms coffee which is gourmet for Greensy)

2/134 Main Street, Greensborough, Melbourne, VIC 3088

Vegan yoghurt masterclass

The vegan easy market day, held a few weeks ago, had many great speakers and demos, but only one was deemed worthy of being uploaded by the vegan easy challenge crew. ;) Check it out here.

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