Saturday, January 22, 2011

GF gingernut biscuit cake

A few weeks ago Craig and Bec held a potluck at their place and I re-invented the choc ripple cake to make it gluten free. This was done by substituting the choc ripple biscuits with LEDA gluten free gingernut biscuits.

The cream was made with 2 cartons of morinaga tofu, which I found in the Asian foods section of safeway/woolworths, vegetable oil, vanilla extract, caster sugar and a splash of soy milk. N.B. Make sure the blender is running while you pour in the oil.

I added the final touch by dusting it with a generous amount of cinnamon sugar.

The end result. Photo: courtesy of K from In the mood for noodles
This dish is a total winner for anyone looking for a mushy, high sugar, treat i.e. everybody.


  1. Mushy, mushy goodness! Tempted to give this a go with a cashew cream. Just to make it even higher in fat, y'know ;)