Friday, November 19, 2010

choc ripple cake

At WVD I saw a cooking demonstration by Yahvinah from soulveg, who also has the website, The cheapest Vegan. She cooked up quite a few tasty dishes, with many that included tofu cream. After tasting some of this cream, I knew I had to make some for myself. You can find the recipe on her site. Basically it involves blending a soft tofu and adding sugar and vanilla to taste. If it is still too thin, add some oil. I used the Joyce silken firm tofu and this was perhaps too soft as no matter how much oil I added it wouldn't thicken up enough.

As you may have guessed by the blog title, I was looking to make a choc ripple cake. Arnott's choc ripple biscuits are vegan and convenient for someone who doesn't feel like making a bunch of chocolate biscuits. They also come with a handy recipe on the back of the packet that is easily cruelty-free-ified so there is no real reason to post the recipe as it is fairly self-explanatory.

Since my cream wasn't quite thick enough, I assembled the cake in a small plastic container, making little cream sandwiches with all the biscuits and pouring the left over cream on top. After leavin it in the fridge over night, I raised the classiness of the dish by sprinkling raw cacao powder on top of it.

I don't think I've ever had a choc ripple cake before, so I had nothing to compare it to, but it was pretty good and I could have eaten all of it in one sitting if it were not for my strict discipline in controlling my calorie intake. It probably could have had more sugar though.

Recommended soundtrack - "Cream" by Prince and The New Power Generation from the album Diamonds and Pearls


  1. So so so so so awesome, I want some now!

  2. Nice one. Not enuff protein though. :-D

  3. Thanks K.

    Toby - There is actually about 35 grams of protein in the whole dish. Two packs of tofu (26.4 grams)and each biscuit has half a gram of protein (about 10gms all up). If you mixed in a little protein powder into the cream it would be a great high protein dessert.

  4. mmm. tell us how to make it ... mmm.

  5. I just attempted the same thing for Christmas, although I used the Black Forest recipe on Arnott's site, which is the same thing but with cherries and cocoa. I used Soyatoo but also didn't find it thickened up enough. I have in the past made it with dairy cream, and when doing so, it looks like it does on the Arnotts site, with stripes of choc biscuits and cream when you cut it open. I found with the Soyatoo, mine looked more like chocolatey mush inside, like yours does. Still yummy, of course. I guess with the soy cream being more liquid, it dissolved the biscuits a bit more. I will have to try it in future with the soy cream recipe you suggested, and keep in mind to choose a tofu that's not too soft. Thanks for the tip.