Monday, April 12, 2010

Helping friends move = Free food

Last week I helped my friend, Mark, move house. Besides allowing me to practice one of my favourite hobbies, lifting odd-objects, I was treated to loads of tasty food throughout the day.

After a solid 3 hours of loading the van we needed to refuel. We headed over to La Panella for a mushroom pie and apple scroll (no picture). We then headed to Hot Jam Donuts which is located in the middle of Preston market, next to the fruit and veg stalls, and ordered a bakers dozen of hot jam donuts ($7.50)

These are everything hot jam donuts should be with a healthy coating of the original superfood, white sugar, and injected with jam that squirts out as soon as you bite into it and nearly burns your hand. Delicious.

Once I polished off a few donuts, after eating the mushroom pie, we returned to the task of moving for another 4 hours during which I finished off my apple scroll, that was covered with healthful MCTs from the coconut, and another donut.

DINNER - Las Vegan

Later that day I joined Mark and his wife for dinner at Las Vegan and was looking forward to a great meal.

We started with a bowl of chips with 3 types of dips. These were a tad disappointing with some of the chips being undercooked and crunchy, but the dips were nice.

Next up were the rice balls. For some strange reason, I've always found the idea of satay sauce slightly disgusting and have avoided it for most of my life, even though I really like peanuts by themselves or in sweet dishes. However, my disgust proved to be unfounded when it came to these rice balls with their excellent crispy texture. Points lost with the accompanying salad only containing one olive :(

Much like Lou Ferrigno with his training poundages in Pumping Iron, my appetite was not satisfied and I wanted more food. Luckily, I had also ordered a chicken schnitzel burger with the rice balls. The schnitzel itself was fine but the bun seemed to be a bit too doughy for my tastes, but that is only a minor criticism of an otherwise awesome burger.

Since there is always room for frozen treats, we headed to Fritz Gelato where I ordered a 4 scooper. As expected, this was good.

Fritz Gelato
334 Bridge Road,

Las Vegan bakery
22 Smith St Collingwood

Hot Jam Donuts
Preston Market


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  2. Ooh, donuts! I cannot wait to go to La Panella!

    I just found your blog through Kristy & Toby's :)