Saturday, February 2, 2013

Hunky Dory's, Newport, Wales

Ha! I bet you all thought I would never blog again?

I went to Newport today, which is about a 40 minute bus ride from Cardiff. Hunky Dory is a short uphill walk from the Newport bus station and despite the name and pic of the Bowie album cover on their menu, it has little to do with Bowie. They were playing Elvis Costello and Tom Waits while I was there.

Heading in the right direction
Can't remember what the soup was exactly. Had coriander and lentils in it.

The salt and pepper shakers are little tea pots

I wasn't expecting something that looked like this when I ordered the mushroom pot pie. Mushroom and gravy with a rectangle of puff pastry. I don't know if it really meets the requirements for a pot pie.

Mushrooom pot pie

The cherry cake was my second option as they had run out of gingerbread cake. It was nothing special and a little bit dry.

Cherry cake
Meal cost about £9 all up. It's decent enough food and I'll give their burgers a try next time I'm in Newport.

Trip was totally worth it after I found a spiritualist church a few doors down from the cafe. Didn't think they still existed.

Hunky Dory

17 Charles St, NP20 1JU 01633 257 850
Newport, South Wales


  1. O HAI FFV! That is the laziest pot pie construction I have ever seen.

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