Tuesday, June 28, 2011

"Who? Only a yoghurt."*

I've been out of blogging action for a while due to being busy and not being bothered to blog.

After discovering that inner health plus dairy free is vegan, and snatching up one of the yoghurt makers that ALDI was selling a while ago, I set myself on the task of creating the finest plain vegan yoghurt my suburb had ever seen.

I searched a few sites looking for advice on how to make it and ended up with this thread at veganfitness.net and Bryanna Clark Grogan's page.

Here's my recipe:


1.5 litres of malt free soy milk
5 capsules of Inner Health Plus dairy free


  •  Bring soymilk to boil and let cool to about 40 degrees celsius.
  •  Stir in the contents of the 5 caps. 
  •  If you have a yoghurt maker just follow the instructions. If not, wrap in a blanket and keep it in a warm place overnight or even longer. I kept mine going for 36 hours.

It won't be quite like commercial yoghurt, as most of them use thickeners, but it's good enough for me.

Yoghurty enough

* Prizes for knowing where the quote in the post title comes from. First person to answer will receive a firm handshake and/or a pat on the back the next time I see them. Good luck.


  1. You can try stirring in 2 tbsp of tapioca starch prior to heating the milk to get a thicker yogurt.. I do that with my coconut milk yogurt and it works a treat! xx

  2. Thanks Lexi. I was thinking of just using agar-agar next time, but will try your suggestion too.

  3. Thanks K. :)

    An update for the yoghurt lovers. A friend made a batch using 5 caps per litre and fermented it with a fancier yoghurt maker for about 8 hours and got awesome results. Keep experimenting folks and let us all know how you go.