Sunday, March 6, 2011

Gluten Free Choc-orange and Cashew Fudge

Long time no post. My recent return to study and a lack of blogspiration has been my undoing. I'll try to remedy that in the coming weeks.

My uni is only a short walk from Smith street so I've been checking out Las Vegan (never disappoints) and trippy tacos (trippy fries was not vegan or even vegetarian last Thursday. WTF?!) regularly and have hiked down to Soul Food (vegan breakfast good, chickpea salad puke-inducing) and FOE (too many hippy types and their cow and chicken hating ways pisses me off, particularly when I'm hungry) but won't be going to the latter two for a while.

Anyway, let's get to the business end of this post. I'm a sucker for any new vegan products that come out, like the soy condensed milk that came out last year, but am lacking when it comes to actually making something out of them. I've had a can of the condensed milk sitting around for a few months and I'd singled it out as the focus of my next big, lazy, recipe. I googled condensed milk recipes and found an easy one for fudge. Basically, microwave the contents of a can of the condensed milk with a broken up block of chocolate (I used the Lindt 70% and a few tablespoons of cacao powder) until it's all melted and then add a splash of orange extract and some chopped nuts (I used cashews). Pour into a tray and chill for a few hours. I chucked it in the freezer to speed up the process.

Not much to say about this other than it was sweet, chocolaty and fudgy.

NEW VEGAN FIND (Villa Reale: Pesto alla Trapanese)

I was at the Heidelberg Leo's a few nights ago and found a few vegan pestos. They are from Italy and pricey ($8.80 for a 180g jar). I mixed some into a bowl of rice pasta and was blown away by the taste. The ingredients are so basic that I intend to make some myself when I eventually buy my dream food processor.

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